Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sausage Buns and Giveaway Winner!

My supposedly fixed oven slightly overcooked my buns, but they didn't taste burnt at all.

I saw these buns on Hearty Bakes and knew that I needed, wanted, and deserved to make them pronto. The dough was easy to put together, but the instructions in the first recipe were lacking some detail for me, so I looked up another recipe on Fresh Loaf that was basically the same but with more steps. I used the recipe from the first and the shaping instructions from the second. The compilation of the two recipes is below along with some process photos.
The dough was still so soft and had just the right texture due to the mixture of bread and AP flour. For the hot dog portion, I used Nathan's hot dog wieners, which were longer and skinnier than the average wiener. Consequently, I had to make the dough rope longer. When you make these buns, make the dough rope slightly more than double the size of the wiener for proper coverage.

With this recipe, I ended up with double the amount of dough needed for 8 buns, so I plan to use the other half of the dough for monkey bread or more sausage buns. They are sitting in the freezer waiting for their purpose in life :). I hope you make these buns soon. They are fantastic. If you're a yeastaphobe, these are a pretty easy and fun introduction to making bread.

Paella Pan Giveaway Winner: According to the Random Generator, out of 51 valid entries, the winning number is 26, which is scrambledhenfruit!! Congratulations! Email me ASAP with your contact information.

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Sausage Buns
If you possess a scale, please weigh your ingredients instead of using measuring cups.

400 g (1 3/4 cup) Bread Flour
100 g (almost 1/2 cup) Plain Flour
1 Tbsp instant yeast
100g (almost 1/2 cup) castor or granulated sugar
1 tsp salt (I used kosher)
220 ml (~3/4 cup) warm water (110 degrees F)
75 g (1/3 cup) soften butter (I used unsalted)
16 Hot dogs or sausages (I put 16 because with 8 wieners, I still had another bunch of dough left)
Egg wash (1 beaten egg + 1 Tbsp water)
Preheat oven 190 degrees C/350 degrees F.

Mix bread flour, plain four, yeast, sugar, salt in the mixer bowl, and slowly pour in water. Knead the dough till gluten is formed. Add butter and knead till dough smooth & elastic. Leave aside to prove till double in bulk.

After proof or bread has risen, weigh and slice dough in equal weight (50g each/ping-pong ball size), and shape it round. Leave aside to rest for 15 minutes.

Next, roll the dough into individual long rod shapes, and allow them to rest for 5 minutes to relax the gluten. Roll out each log again and gently stretch them into thinner, longer logs. They'll need to be long enough to wrap around your sausage, so make them a bit more than double the length of the wiener or sausage.

[If you want the middle bulge of your bun to be bigger, you could also at this point taper the ends of your dough log by rolling the very ends a bit thinner until they form a point at each end.] 

Wrap the log around the sausage and try to leave both ends on the bottom. That way, you can easily form a better seal by pressing the dough-wrapped sausage down on the ends. You'll want to place the shaped buns on a greased baking sheet, parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.

Wrap dough over the each sausage, and place them on baking tray. Cover tray with plastic wrap or a damp cloth.

Leave them for final proof till double in size, estimated time about 30 minutes. When they start to look puffy, brush them lightly with the egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds and/or sea salt (if using) on top.

Brush with egg wash on top of buns, and bake buns for about 20 minutes. Bake on the middle rack of a preheated 200C (~400F) oven for 8 minutes, and then 180C (~350F) for 5 minutes, or until they're golden brown.


  1. I want at least 4 of these now. Thanks :)

  2. Ooh, pigs in a blanket. I love these but have neve made my own. Love the spirally dough too.

  3. Excelente, para pegar bocados y no parar. Saludos

  4. Too bad your oven browned them too much, but I'm glad they still tasted good. Reminds me of the mummy hot dogs I made for the kids at Halloween.

  5. Make the monkey bread!!! Do it! do it! DO it! Hee-hee.

    Devon would love these. He likes those crescent wrapped mini wieners.

    Congrats to the winner!

  6. Congrats to your winner! This is a nice simple meal. Would be great for a group.

  7. They look good to me! Let's call this batch a "bold bake," as they say on The Fresh Loaf haha. Monkey bread is great too, but my vote is to use the other half of your dough for more sausage buns! :)
    - Jackie (Toxo Bread, +jleung on TFL)

  8. Ah..if only id knowna bout the paella pan give away:)
    These buns..i saw on TS of im not mistaken and made a mental note to check it out..what a coincidence...there ive found you:)

  9. gorgeous! you've mentioned that you freeze half of the dough. at what stage do you freeze them and how do I go about using them again?

  10. Beautiful! Hot dogs all dressed up- they look so respectable. :) We used to call them "pigs in a blanket" too, but they looked nowhere near as nice as this.
    I'm so excited about winning the pan- I never win anything! I can't wait to get it and make some paella. Yours looked so delicious. Thanks again for the give-away!

  11. I really like your sausage buns, Memoria! I love homemade bread in any form and you do a great job baking breads (in spite of that doggone oven). Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to pick out the pictures for this particular blog--all the pictures were awesome so it was not too difficult of a choice! You rock!

    Congratulations to the winner of the paella pan giveaway!

  12. Oh, these look so beautiful I love the way the dough looks before you bake it. And the way it smells. I'm not a yeast baker, but with your directions, I think I could do this. Thanks.

  13. P.s. Just tagged you for an award over on my blog!

  14. Bookmarking this sausage buns :)

  15. I love these. They are like pigs in fancy blankets!


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