Friday, July 30, 2010

Daring Bakers: Swiss Roll Ice Cream Bombe Cake

The July 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Sunita of Sunita’s world – Life and Food. Sunita challenged everyone to make an ice-cream filled Swiss roll that’s then used to make a bombe with hot fudge. Her recipe is based on an ice cream cake recipe from Taste of Home.
I was finally able to take decent photos of my cake. I know I'm super late, but at least I posted this before August! HAH! So, I bet you're wondering my cake doesn't look a Swiss roll ice cream cake. I will give you three seconds to guess why. . .just think about my sausage buns, and you'll figure it out.

1 segundo.

2 segundos. .

3 segundos. . .

Yep, you guessed it. My overheating oven apparently isn't too fond of sponge cake, so it ruined the first one completely and almost ruined all of the second one as well. I managed to salvage most of the cake, but I was unable to make Swiss rolls out of it. So, I slathered on the vanilla bean whipped cream (which is just "genious-ly" good!), cut the cakes into circles and rectangles, and placed them into two ramekins and one loaf pan.
I used the leftover hot fudge from my Chocolate Sybil Cake. I still have more left for chocolate milk. YUM!
This one looks more like an elaborated s'mores cake than a bombe ice cream cake.

Although my ice cream cakes are not nearly as pretty as the other daring bakers' cakes, at least they still tasted pretty good, and I completed the challenge.

For the ice cream portion, I made coffee ice cream and chocolate ice cream. I used different ice cream recipes from those on the challenge because I wanted egg-based ice cream, which tends to be creamier. Everything tasted fantastic except for the sponge cake, but I think that is because of the egg-white flavor and my oven's performance (or failure to perform well).


1. Whole eggs can expand big time! I thought that with the addition of egg yolks, eggs couldn't expand that much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I don't know why, but I was.

2. That there exists such a thing as vanilla bean whipped cream that doesn't require the removal of the seeds. This whipped cream was AMAZING!!
 3. That there really are foods that can stick unmercifully to Silpat despite what the company claims.


1. My oven sucks even after being "fixed" twice. 
2. Ice cream melts quickly and can be frustrating so set up everything for your photo shoot ahead of time.
 3. That I love ice cream cake!
    I apologize to all my fellow DBers for being so late. A lot of things are going on in my life that I will let you know about later. I enjoyed this challenge despite the moments of frustration while taking photos of the melting ice cream haha. Now, I need to find volunteers to eat up all this excess ice cream and cake! Anyone interested? :)

    Here is the recipe for the cake.
    Here are the recipes for the coffee and chocolate ice creams I used.  
    Note: For the chocolate ice cream, I used half-n-half instead of milk for a creamier consistency.


    1. I'm always available to help you eat up delicious ice cream cake. Si sólo vivían cerca.

    2. Con esto me has sorprendido, que cremoso y delicioso se ve. Me gusta tu receta, me la quedo. Buen fin de semana y abrazos

    3. Count me in!! If I could, I would hop over in a jiffy, you know it. :) I hate photographing ice-cream too! But the cake on its own looks yummilicious and inviting, whether or not it's a bona fide swiss roll.

    4. Hello: I've seen you on many sites that I visit and decided to pop over. Oh my goodness--you have a delicious blog! Our chocolate-loving older son is coming for a visit next week. I'll be making those chocolate cupcakes for sure. I'll be back with a cup of coffee to see what else I might need to do from your recipes.


    5. Oh my goodness, I'll have that for breakfast, thank you!

    6. Beautiful and nice presentation. Looks very professional Memoria.

    7. I volunteer! Sorry about your oven, but this looks fantastic to me. The ice creams and whipped cream alone are to die for:)

    8. You are really getting back to working with the Daring Bakers. Great! Good save on this one. The bombe was highly overrated and difficult to serve. I like yours better.

    9. I would be more than happy to make the "sacrifice" and eat your delectable excess ice cream and cake, darling! I am glad your recipe came out well, in spite of your poorly operating oven. You now, even if I tried making this cake in my oven, yours still would come out better than mine--that's just the kind of talent you possess!

      Good job with the challenge!

    10. Those photos of the cake slice are awesome! Makes me long for a piece of that cake right now.

    11. I should get Working Girl to tell you her story about making a buche de noel (not sure that is spelled right...) sometime! She had to mount a similar salvage effort, but like yours, the results were still yummy! We ate most of it standing up in the kitchen! I admire your ability to photograph ice cream -- I am about to try that myself! Have a great weekend!

    12. The third thing you learnt is very useful for those of us thinking of buying silpat.

      Secondly, your adaption given the oven etc set you apart as a remarkable and resourceful cook/baker.

    13. I think your ice-cream cake looks pretty nice. Ok, its not a "bombe" but I think that's fine. And your ice-cream flavours are great!
      I always learn something from my DB challenges! :)

    14. amei, amei, amei ter encontrado o seu blog. como que eu nunca te vi antes? Acabei de ler o seu about page e acho o seu estudo o maximo.

      Sou brasileira mas moro na california. sou casada com um gringo que fala portugues e esta fazendo o doutorado dele em antropologia. o foco dele eh o Brasil. somente falamos portuese em casa com os nossos filhos. temos muito o que conversar!

      ah.... e cseria muito rude da minha parte se eu nao deixasse um comentario falando que o seu bolo ta com uma cara otima. sei que nao foi o resultad que voce queria mas mesmo assim, esta com uma cara deliciosa.

    15. Nonetheless, it still looks yummy to me, lol! I love baking and there are times, too, when I would simply mess up either with my base or with my icing. Good thing, my kids are all after the chocolate syrup!lol! So, I just try to hide whatever disaster I have in their with a generous drizzling of Hershey's, lol!

    16. Never mind the overheating oven... your ice cream cake looks delish! I'd eat it :P Keep up the daring baker adventures!

    17. It looks wonderful! Who cares that the cake wasn't a swiss roll...I still want a bite!

    18. Yummm I love ice cream cake, this looks so delicious!

    19. I think overall this was a success for you! You had issues but went with it and ended up with something you loved.


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