Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mom's Blueberry Salad

As you can see, I didn't bother styling this salad. I just let it be. . .

A little more than 24 hours ago my mom arrived safely at home after spending more than 3 weeks with her favorite and only offspring - me :). While I love her dearly and enjoy spending time with her, I have to admit it is nice to have my bed and my place to myself again. 

On the day I made the pasta on the previous post, my mother volunteered to make the salad *gasp!*. My longtime readers know that my mom doesn't like nor knows how to cook. However, she is the master of chopping veggies and throwing together salad-like meals (case in point - the pizza she decorated).

After spending too much time eating salads from Panera Bread as a graduate student in upstate New York, my mother's tastebuds changed somewhat drastically. So, upon her return to Texas a few years ago, I was surprised when she told me that she now likes olives, which she at one point detested. To make matters worse Also, she became fond of adding various fruits, onions, and nuts to her salad. Now, I know that most foodies like these additions to salads, but I am boring a purist. All I fancy on my salads are lettuce (the simple kind like the water-drenched, nutrient-lacking iceberg lettuce or healthier, romaine lettuce), red tomatoes (mom and I agree on extra tomatoes), cheese, and ranch dressing. If I feel like eating a "fancier" salad, I may add on hard-boiled eggs and cucumbers but nothing more than those two ingredients. 
My favorite thing about this salad? The ratio of tomatoes to everything else.

So, when my mom volunteered to make this salad, I had completely forgotten about the changes in her food preferences until I saw the salad she placed in front of my camera. I instantly gave her my shocked look and promptly said, "Mo-om, it has blueberries, olives, and walnuts in it!" While rubbing her hands together in delight with a fork in one hand she said, "YUM! I know! (pause) Oh! I forgot you don't like those things in your salad! (proceeds to flick her hand nonchalantly) You can just pick them out. They won't hurt!" Thanks a lot, mom!

Fortunately the salad was pretty photogenic. Once we sat down to eat our meal, I did remove the unwanted items immediately to the disappointment of my parental figure. I also made sure to get the part of the salad withOUT the yucky bleu cheese dressing on it. Her pour/action shot was cute, but I wish it would have been ranch dressing instead. 
Anyway, there's no real recipe for this salad. I will just list the ingredients she used and likes to use just in case you feel like venturing out with salads - if you haven't already. I apologize now for not joining you. . . :)

Mom's Blueberry Salad

Roma tomatoes
Black or green olives
Fresh blueberries
Chopped walnuts
Hard-boiled eggs
Freshly-chopped mushrooms
Purple onions

Other possible ingredients (feel free to add more in the comments section):
Orange slices (including mandarin oranges)
Chopped Pecans
Romaine Lettuce
Feta cheese


  1. Hahaha, I can hardly believe that the pretty above-featured summer salad is really my creation! It was so simple and fun to make, and the ingredients are colorful, versatile, nutritious, inviting and delicious. While it is true that I thoroughly enjoyed creating this salad, I enjoyed eating it even more (bleu cheese dressing and all)! More importantly, I didn't have to stay in the kitchen that long, and I didn't burn anything!! As Memoria suggests, add whatever ingredients that float your boat! Have fun and bon appetit!

  2. Your mom really sold me on that salad- not really! It's very pretty, but that combination does not float my boat. One of my favorite salads had candied walnuts, strawberries, blue cheese, celery and a maple vinaigrette over mixed greens. I'm also fond of apples and grapes on there too.

    Ooh, now I want a salad!

  3. For me, it's the styling that makes food blogging tedious. Not so much the cooking and the photographing. But what the heck, if the dish itself is photogenic - like this salad - let's do away with the frills. I say, bring on the food porn!

  4. Le tienes que dar la enhorabuena a tu madre por esta ensalada, y a tí por compartirla. Saludos

  5. Mom and I are on the same page with the salad! I just had blueberries, walnuts and onions on mine yesterday! The joys of

  6. Me gusta la ensalada de su madre. Although I'm not a big fan of blue cheese dressing either. It looks like it could be a meal by itself.

  7. Your mom is a good cook Memoria, now I know where you got your talent.
    It shows in this salad, yum :)

  8. Such a pretty salad. I need to experiment more with using blueberries in savory dishes.

  9. I'm with your mom on this salad. Yum. I also love the popping colours!

  10. Even though I'm not an olive fan either, I have to side with your Mom on this one. I too love salads with lots of different flavors and textures. This one is very pretty!

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