Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Quesadillas and An Award!

My lame attempt to "tell a story" through a food photo. Before leaving for Brazil, his home country, my friend lent me this collection of works from Mark Twain. I cannot wait to read it!

I rarely eat bacon, but I had some in the refrigerator that needed to be used up. Also, I never buy store-bought flour tortillas since homemade ones are so much better, but my mom was too impatient to wait for me to make some for her, so she bought some instead. Therefore, I took advantage of her impatience and frustration with my laziness by making these quesadillas with her tortillas.

While they tasted amazing. I was just missing one thing - salsa. There weren't anymore tomatoes in the house, and I didn't feel like going anywhere, so I had to eat them as is. If you decide to make these yummy, simple quesadillas, please make sure you have some homemade or store-bought salsa on hand. I'm sure that cold, red, flavorful concoction would amp these quesadillas up a few notches.

Versatile Blogger Award: 

I was so blessed to be awarded by Lynne of Cook and Be Merry a few days ago, and I feel so honored to be awarded by such a talented blogger and food photographer. Her photos are so bright and clear; the presentation is lovely as well. I can only wish that I could photograph as well and consistently good as she does. One day I'll get there, though. Anyway, thank you so much for the award, Lynne!!

The guidelines for accepting this award are:

Thank the person who gave it to you.
Tell 7 things about yourself.
Pass the award on to 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and think are fantastic.

So, here are seven facts about me:

1. On my mother's side of the family, I am an only child and was raised as such since my dad wasn't around.
2a. I changed my last name to my mother's last name so that she could get all the credit for how awesome I was to become! :D
2b. I am humble. LOL
3. Despite what I wrote in #2, I have very low self-esteem.
4. When people write or say "anyway" with an "s" at the end, my mother and I cringe.
5. I have been in a tumultuous, yet amorous relationship with a woman for more than 10 years off and on.
6. Even though I don't write well, I love to talk about grammar more than any other topic, including cooking and baking.
7. I detest watermelon and very rarely eat fried chicken despite the racial stereotype ;).

I am passing along this award to the following 15 bloggers I have recently discovered. However, I won't be hurt if you were chosen yet don't feel like participating. I know how it is.
  1. Hilah Cooking - I love her personality on the videos and the fact that we live in the same city.
  2. Namely Marly - The lady obsessed with names (including mine!) and vegan cooking. She is so lovely!
  3. Asopaipas - He comments on each and every post I create, and I adore him for that, the fact that his native language is Spanish, and that he shares great, simple dishes. ¡Este premio es especialmente para ti, José Manuel! Gracias por ser un lector tan fiel.
  4. Like Mother Like Daughters - One of the daughters of this blog was a student of mine! I adore her and the fact that this blog is written by her, her sister, and her mother. 
  5. Jessiker Bakes - This woman loves sweets even more than I do! I love to see what she makes.
  6. Scrambledhenfruit - I discovered her lovely blog because of the paella pan giveaway, and she actually won! 
  7. Baked Bree - I've been going to Bree's lovely blog for a little while now. I love how bright and clear her process photos are. I'm constantly envious of how much light she gets in her kitchen.
  8. Frieda Loves Bread - She makes bread as much I wish I could make bread. Seriously.
  9. Ambrosia e Nettare - Check out the lemon cheesecake on this blog! Complimenti, Lucia!
  10. Cake on the Brain - The name of the blog itself tells you why I included this one on the list. YUM!
  11. Jolts & Jollies - Another fellow Daring Cook! I love her process photos.
  12. One Cake Two Cake - The blog title lured me in. Then the photos of yummy desserts kept me there.
  13. TheArdentEpicure - Run, not walk to this website, and check out the enchiladas. Goodness!
  14. Baking Powders - I love the title and the blog. Fantastic large photos and delectable treats. YUM!
  15. i am mommy - I'm sure just about everyone knows about this blog. Her treats are so AMAZING!
And there you have it! Remember, this is a list of recently-discovered blogs, so there are a LOAD of amazing blogs I've known about for a long time that I didn't include here. Have a great week, everyone!

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Quesadillas
Yield: 2-3 quesadillas

3 - 4 strips of bacon
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsps unsalted butter, separated
2 eggs
salt and pepper to taste (don't use too much salt because of the bacon and cheese)
1/2 - 3/4 cups of monterey jack or cheddar cheese
4-6 taco-sized flour tortillas (homemade or storebought)

Prepare the bacon on a clean skillet. At the same time, prepare the eggs in another skillet after melting the half a Tbsp of butter. Lightly season the eggs with salt and pepper. Set the bacon and eggs aside.

Wipe the skillet that had the bacon in it clean with a paper towel, and place half of a Tbsp of butter in there. After the butter has melted, place one tortilla in the skillet; add some of the eggs and bacon. Add half (or a third if making 3 quesadillas) of the cheese on top of the bacon and eggs. Place a second tortilla on top of the mixture. Grill the tortilla for about 2-4 minutes per side until both sides have browned and the insides are melted. Repeat the process with the other tortillas. Serve with fresh salsa. YUM!


  1. Riquisimas estas quesadillas, tienen que estar deliciosas. Saludos

  2. Hi, Memoria

    Well, well, now I know what happened to that package of tortillas I bought the other day!!!!! Gosh, all I did was leave the house to run a few errands and voila, my tortillas are all cooked up into quesadillas--and the worse part is that I didn't eveb get to taste one bite of what I KNOW were a savory meal! I guess that is one of the "dangers" of living with a chef/baker. Oh, by the way, I am surprised that you didn't find the two tomatoes I bought from Sprouts last week and cook them up as well :o)

    Gotta love ya, sweetheart! Really nice photos! I love the presentation of the book and the glasses --Enjoy Mark Twain, and congratulations on the Award!

  3. Esto sería un gran desayuno. But since it's lunch time, I may have to have it for lunch.

  4. I'm so honored to be on your award list. That is too cool for school! I am passionate about names! And I love your name - I'm so honored for the opportunity to have talked with you. I hope we get many more opportunities down the road!

  5. These look delicious! I think I have to grab some tortillas in the next couple days so I can make these this weekend! I'll make mine with my handy dandy quesadilla maker! Yay!

    Wow! Thanks so much for the award! You are so sweet and I love your blog!

  6. Well I stopped in to see what you were up to, knowing I would not be disappointed:) First, the great breakfast dish and I love the photo with the book. Second, I am so excited that you received an award knowing that it is well deserved but also that I would get to see your choices to pay forward to. This I knew would be great because if you love them, then I would love them:) Third, going down the list I see a name I am very familiar with...Our site:) We are so honored (actually I am silly about it:)And we will be passing it on...Thank you so much! And will be checking out all of your other mentions here. Congratulations again on your award!

  7. Ooh Memoria, que nice! However, I don't eat bacon much either, though I do love it. I can imagine it was delicious between that nice toasty tortilla with egg and cheese-yum...

  8. First congratulations on your award :-)
    The quesadilla sure looks yummie, what a great breakfast!

  9. I'm obsessed with breakfast foods wrapped in tortillas. So good!!

  10. Gracias por el premio. Muchas gracias. Ya lo mostraré de forma apropiada en mi blog. Saludos

  11. Oh Memoria!! You are so kind! Thank you so much sweet girl!


  12. Thanx for all ur love, advice and support! When a blog is new, all the encouragement is SO appreciated!!! Robin, Ellen and I will have fun passing on the 15 newfound blogs that we luv...but know that we would definitely put ur blog on a 15 Greatest list! (PS Luv our name on a bacon post!!!)

  13. Congratulations on the award!

  14. It's nice to get to know you a little better, and I'll have to check out the blogs on that list that I don't frequent already. I struggle often with self-esteem as well, but I've been taking small steps to improve with the help of great friends and family.

  15. Memoria, I was so happy to give you this award. I love your blog and the wonderful, thoughtful comments you give me. And I'm also glad you decided to do your own awards, because now I get to read 15 more terrific blogs. Thanks!

  16. Quesadillas are tasty- why not for breakfast? I think yours look great just as they are without salsa, but then I'm not a salsa on egg lover. Thanks for passing an award on to my blog- I'm honored! I'm going to have fun checking out all of the others on your list as well. Paella pan is on its way- thanks bunches!

  17. I should make more quesadillas!! Delicious!

  18. Thanks!!! I feel so honoured :D. I will definitely take this award and repost this on my page!

  19. Congrats on your blog award. Looking forward to checking out those bloggers you've passed it along too.

  20. LOVE this recipe and congrats on the award - very well-deserved! :)

  21. Ooh yummy! It's like a breakfast taco but toasty. I make breakfast sandwiches but never thought to make a quesadilla with breakfast foods.

    Congrats on your award!

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