Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Yellow Cake: Part 3 "and 4"

The "diet" cake
Okay, so on Friday Lydia and I decided to make one cake each. She made a "diet" version of a yellow cake from her grandmother that ironically called for a pint of heavy cream but no butter. I don't really know what is "diet" about that cake, but that is what the grandmother called it haha.
The "Cake-Mix" Cake 
(*sigh* my photos are getting worse and worse. I don't know why.)

Along with making that cake, Lydia decided to make a cake mix version of the yellow cake to make a fair comparison of the best from scratch cake. We never planned on doing that, so I was pleasantly surprised she did it. Meanwhile, I made a Martha Stewart recipe that I will blog about next.

So, I drove over to Lydia's house with my cake, and she cut two slices (one for me and one for my neighbor) from each cake she made. After tasting my cake and her two cakes, I became so sick of yellow cake hahaha. We are now both so tired of this stuff! So, after I post about cake 4, you won't be hearing about more cakes until next week (Is that okay, Ingrid? haha). I would take a longer break, but I know that Esi's and Lydia's birthdays are coming up.

Anyway, let's proceed to the good, bad, and the ugly aka the ratings for the "diet" cake...

THE GOOD: I don't think there was anything good about this cake. So, let's proceed to the bad...

THE BAD: Everything. The texture, taste, and look were terrible! It tasted so badly that I had to spit out my first bite.

Memoria: 0/10
Lydia: 0/10 (she's disappointed at her grandmother even more now hahaha!)
Lydia's Husband: He probably won't be tasting this since she threw it in the dumpster already haha.
The Neighbor: I didn't bother giving him a slice. That would be mean haha.

I think it would be mean for me to share the recipe of the "diet" cake, so I'll just talk about the cake mix cake. Again, my friend made this cake in order to gain a fair comparison of the scratch cakes to this one. She used the Duncan Hines cake mix. Also, she used store-bought frosting because she messed up her homemade frosting by using granulated sugar LOL! She's too cute. That's something my mother would do. Anyway, here's what we thought:

THE GOOD: The color was great. The texture was even and nice. The taste was just what it was supposed to taste like. What more can I say? haha

THE BAD: They use DYE to make the color great. Here we were working hard to make the cake yellow with eggs, only to find out that we will never reach that level of yellow without dye haha. While the cake was moist, I thought it could stand to be a bit more moist. It lacked in vanilla flavor.

Memoria: 8/10 (This may be because I'm so sick of yellow cake, though)
Lydia: 9.5/10
Lydia's Husband: 9/10
The Neighbor: 9/10 (he said it was pretty close to the taste of the second cake; he also said it was moist)

Stay tuned for the next cake! I will post it in a few hours.


  1. First, let me say that you are right that I would PROBABLY make the same mistake as Lydia and use granulated sugar instead of powered sugar in any frosting I might make, but at least I know that I am not alone! Thank you Lydia :o)

    Secondly, I am sure that you two had more fun making the cakes than eating them, am I right? At any rate, kudos to you and Lydia and bon appetit!

  2. Use Omega-3 eggs, the yolks are so yellow!

  3. Haha! Poor thing using granulated sugar! That's so cute! It's so sad about her grandma's cakes! What can you do??? Thanks for "taking one for the team" and trying all these cakes. I can't wait until you find THE ONE!

  4. It's been fun reading your adventures whilst looking for the perfect yellow cake! Smitten Kitchen actually has a "perfect" yellow cake--you can check it out here:

  5. You didn't know they used yellow food coloring? That's why the cake mix is yellow even before you add the aggs :-)

  6. Ha-ha! I guess so, but I'm not tired of yellow cake!

    Btw, Happy 4th!


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