Friday, March 12, 2010

Iced Green Tea

In 2008, I decided to stop drinking soda for good. I upheld that promise for over a year and then started drinking soda again. I don't know why really. It may because of the mistake someone made at Wendy's when I ordered a tea and received a Coke instead.
Anyway, even though I've started drinking soda again, I never buy soda for the house. I drink it only if I go out to eat. I haven't purchased cans or bottles of soda for myself in over 3 years. Instead of drinking soda, I rely on water, skim milk, juice, and iced tea as my beverages at home.
Out of those abovementioned drinks, my favorite has got to be this iced greeen tea. I make big quantities of it 1-2 times a week. The recipe is very simple. I'm sure you could use another type of tea, but I love using green tea. You could also use agave syrup, Splenda, or some other sweetener aside from granulated sugar to make it healthier.
Iced Green Tea

8 cups of cold water
1 1/4 - 1 1/2 cups of granulated sugar (or Splenda or about 3/4 c of agave syrup)
6-8 bags of green tea (I use Lipton, but I'm sure there are better brands out there. Any suggestions welcomed!)

In a big pot, pour in cold water and sugar. Turn on the heat, and stir the sugar until the water becomes translucent again. Cover the pot of sugar water, and allow the mixture to boil. Meanwhile, place the green tea bags in a large container (with a lid) that can handle hot water and quick temperature changes. Once the water boils, turn off the heat, and immediately pour the sugar water into the large container. Cover the container (with the lid or foil), and allow the tea to sit or steep and cool for 10 minutes. Then place the container in the refrigerator, or pour yourself a glass with a bunch of ice!



  1. I drink tea all the time! But hot. I am Chinese after all. ;) Green tea, black tea, tea bags, whole tea leaves ... you name it, I have it. I haven't touched soda in years. Your green tea looks inviting!

  2. It's so hot here now (38C) that I feel cooled after looking at those chilled green teas.

    Try adding in some lemon slices, or use honey to sweeten it. Taste fabulous! Or add in some dried jasmine buds.

  3. I love green tea but I have never tried it iced.

  4. I'm not much of a tea drinker. Actually I don't drink it at all, but this sure looks refreshing. A pithcer of this would be nice :-)

  5. This looks lovely. I started getting heart palpitations around 2 years ago from drinking too much coffee and started drinking a lot more tea instead. Green tea was just one of those great things I picked up and this looks like it's so worth a try. I like wendyywy's idea to add lemon slices! Yum. Also mint could also be good. The Dilmah green tea is great if you find that around your area. :)

  6. This looks very refreshing--and I especially love green tea!

  7. I've tried to stop drinking soda so many times. It's my vice! Every time I go for it, I rely on iced green tea too. : ) I don't know if you've ever looked up all the amazing health benefits of it, but they are countless. A glass or two a day can do wonderful things for you. I buy celestial seasonings brand because they participate in ethical trade. (That's like Fair trade, and very awesome.)

  8. In the summer, I keep a pitcher of this (sans the sweetener) in my fridge, too. Just the thing for when you're quenching a thirst. And loaded with antioxidants.

  9. Hi, Memoria

    First congratulations on being named as one of Pioneer Woman's Favorite Food Sites, as well as the Honest Scrap Award! You have worked very hard and are very deserving of these awards, and no, I am not just saying this b/c you're my daughter :o) Hahaha!

    The photos of the tea look so refreshingly delicious! I think my favorite photo is the last one with the condensation on the glass (remember I wrote that poem about iced tea and sitting with my aunt and friends at Little Five Points in Georgia? Of course, you don't)! Anyway, I know for a fact that this green tea you make is spectacular b/c I have enjoyed drinking it when I visit your home, and yes, green tea is so good for you. Good job in reducing your soda intake and substituting it with nourishing and tasty tea! I hope you hear something soon about your proposal! Love you!!!!!!

  10. tea, my mom keeps telling me to drink it for health reasons. Maybe I should listen to her, you say? This tea looks perfect for upcoming spring/summer.

  11. New to your blog..Iced Tea looks so inviting....nice click...

  12. Memoria: I made this today but with my own twist!

    Thank you so much. I credited you for the idea and it turned out great and my photos turned out amazing too. :D

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  15. It is so cool to have such tasty drinks! It will sometimes let you forget the pain...


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